The Perfect Business Name Webinar


The Perfect Business Name Webinar


Just as a human is known with a name, a Business irrespective of it’s size is known by her name. Prior to Customers using your product or service, they most probably would have interacted with your brand name. It goes without saying therefore, that the success or failure of a business lies in the very fundamental business asset that is – it’s name!

The PERFECT BUSINESS NAME Webinar, answers most if not all your questions about what an ideal business name should be, and went ahead to show you step by step, how you can coin one for your business. You need a name that is memorable, distinct, registrable, searchable, that connects and eventually leads to huge sales and profit.

Download and listen to this business changing webinar taught by the passionate and experienced Business Name Expert – Oluwatobi Oyebade with over half a decade experience in Business naming and teaching from her personal experience moving from an ambiguous brand name -Apparrent Makeover Concept (for an Event Management and Fashion Brands) to ISEMINI EMPIRE.



The relatable step-by-step guide to finding a name that is distinct, meaningful, connects with your audience, and profits.


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