Our Exchange Policy only applies to pieces not found unfit for Customer’s use owing to our negligence or oversight i.e where measurements or specifications was not followed. Please note that this does not include design or aesthetics as we do not imitate designs by other Creatives. And where design is ours , we do not promise 100percent resemblance as no two Couture pieces are the same. 

We however promise our highest standards per time. 

Such complaint shall be made known to the Company within 24hours of receiving the item and shall be returned to the Company within 7days for the claim to be valid. Where customer have worn the headpiece for the event the claim for Exchange is defeated. 

In the event of a valid claim, we will be glad to make an Exchange by making ready for pick up or delivery a new piece of same design and color with the corrections within 2weeks of receiving the piece (s) (subject to the number of pieces involved). Be assured such complaint will be accorded top priority. 

This Exchange policy does not cover delivery fees. In the event that Customer is not available to pick up the item, delivery fees shall be on the customer. 

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