NewsGreat News plus Authentic Tips for a Happy 2024!

Great News plus Authentic Tips for a Happy 2024!

We at ISEMINI, welcome you into the year 2024 with a warm and grateful heart for your support all these years. What a privilege to be alive and living! As a customer-centric Brand, we are excited to share our original thoughts inspired by God on ways to make this year a truly remarkable one; so you can say “Oro wa ni” (meaning, these are our original words).

Let’s dive in!

Tips to make the year 2024 Truly Happy!

1. Prioritise Knowing God For Yourself

In this time of global economic recession, it is pertinent that you prioritise knowing God – the Creator of heaven, earth and mankind. You will need to cultivate a healthy and deeper relationship with Him through prayer, studying of the Word and Worship.

Gone are the days when you’ll make investment, career, family, etc. decisions outside of God; nor should you wait on a Prophet or Pastor to lay hands or speak a word on you to relish God’s presence or receive his presents. Let God lead you in the way you should go this year – Psalm 32:8. It is noteworthy that God yearns for a personal relationship with you and He is beckoning using every available means including this blogpost. Why not make a move?


2.  Prioritise Living Authentically

Why would anyone want to live a fake, make believe life you may ask? But don’t you do it sometimes? Okay, maybe not you, but the next woman reading. Smiles.

With the shinning syndrome paraded on social media, it is becoming increasingly difficult to live authentically or not question the quality of your life. Once in a while you catch yourself looking over your shoulders to see what other ambitious women are doing, what international awards or recognition they received, what vacation they took or the latest fashion they bought; which is not entirely a bad thing except when that begins to make you question your path, passion and/or progress.

To make 2024 a happy year, we advise that you  proactively practice gratitude, live fully in your current season (noting the blessings and lessons), stay laser focused on your goals and consistently feed your genuine and beautiful soul with positivity.



We are excited to inform you firsthand, that our ready to wear line ILERI by ISEMINI is REPOSITIONING (stay connected via our newsletter to get the details first Sign up here ). To aid a seamless repositioning experience, our Luxury line – Couture by ISEMINI will be out of online activities till further notice.

PLEASE NOTE that this does not in any way restrict your right to call in for Exquisite, Authentic and Afrocentric Headpieces Couture by ISEMINI has been known to artfully offer since 2018. We are available to graciously serve esteemed customers during work hours and appointment days.

We remain committed to supporting intentional women like you to live your best, authentic life by providing eco-friendly, superior quality, unique and exquisite headpieces that empowers you and get you all the admiration.

Thank you so much for your support and patronage since 2018, we are hopeful that 2024 will be more fruitful and fulfilling for you and yours as we look forward to your continued and deepened support.


Worth Remembering: You are Valuable, You are Enough, You are Winning!


Have a Truly Happy New Year!


Yours, Authentic,

Oluwatobi Oyebade

Creative Director, Couture and Ileri by ISEMINI

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