Couture by ISÉMINI is a registered business as as such can sue in redress in the event that:

A customer, retailer, whole seller or anyone reproduces or cause to be reproduced for personal or commercial purposes any of our Signature designs without the written permission of the Company. 

Whether such act was done malicious or in good faith is inconsequential. So far it can be determined that the reproduction was an imitation, all parties involved will be liable whether or not such design(s) has been registered with appropriate bodies or not. 

A customer, retailer or wholeseller fails to or refuses to pay for a piece bought or fees payable (i.e delivery or insurance fees) or any such cost accruing to the Company or paid for on behalf of the customer to a 3rd party from a business transaction; the Company can sue for remedy. 

There is impersonation or misrepresentation of the Company resulting to fraud on any individual, organization or the general public, the Company shall sue for damages and remedies. The Company shall not be liable to anyone who had suffered any loss or damage by the misrepresentation but shall be available to help such party recover monies or properties lost by providing information to aid effective investigation. 

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